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Plan, organize and collaborate on your stories with the StorytellerOS Notion template.

Are you having a hard time planning your story? Are your unorganized notes preventing you from finishing your manuscript?

Originally I built this template to help me write a screenplay. After using it to plan my story, I realized that it could be used more generally because all stories follow basic principles like: the Archetypes, The Hero's Journey, the 3 act structure and so on.

Stories are inherently conflict based, and require problem solving. By creating an overview and the relations between different elements in the story, makes it easier to recognize opportunities for advancing a story, subverting a trope, or introducing a new plot device.

Who is this template for?

  1. Screenwriters
  2. Novelists
  3. Playwrights
  4. Creative writers

Beginners will find the structure helpful when planning their stories. Seasoned writers may find it useful to consolidate all their notes in one place and/or collaborate with others easily.

What you get

  • Quick Actions buttons: to speed up the process
  • Archetypes database: Add your own research and idiosyncrasies to common character types
  • Hero's Journey stages: Tried and true formula for plotting a story.
  • Characters database: Build out your characters with skills, psychology, backstory, and exposition
  • Acts and Scenes databases: Related databases to better organize your plot and track your progress
  • Storyboard panels: Map out your screenplay, shot by shot and link them to the scenes and acts
  • Writing Sessions database: Write in increments and collaborate with others or simply setup a daily writing routine and track your progress.
  • Useful tips: Embedded tips to make life easier

Why Notion?

  1. Flexible, allowing you change the layout as you wish.
  2. Easy to share and collaborate with others
  3. It is possible to extend the template to encompass more storytelling formats or situations
  4. Notion AI helps generate ideas (30 day free trial)
  5. Easy to update and publish live

Get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to connect with me on Twitter/X or send me an email.

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A Notion template to help with creative writing. Organize your notes and build the structure of your story.



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