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A Well Written Sales Letter Can Result In A Quantum Leap In Sales Very Quickly

Dear Reader,

To study the masters is like having a flashlight in the darkness. It's easy to get lost in the digital wilderness. Without a guide, a map or a helping hand. The path only leads to dead ends.

Each letter contained in this database has generated cash. Each contains all the essential elements of copywriting and persuasion.

Copywriters like Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz, Joe Sugerman, Jay Abraham, all wrote direct response copy to drive home a sales message. Together the letters have crossed the $3 Billion mark. One of which generated $2 Billion alone over a 25 year period! It goes to show that sales letters can be reused indefinitely once they have proven to get results.

Why Sales Letters Can Be So Effective

I want to share this story of Gary Halbert, an advertising genius who had to hire 40 people just to handle all the business he was getting. All from a single letter! And this was after his water and electricity were shut off due to missed payments. Clearly, time was of the essence.

The famous "Coat of Arms" letter, which some consider to be the most mailed letter in America even to this day.

One day, Gary was reading a newspaper and a seemingly insignificant story gave him an idea that generated millions! It was the story of an elderly woman making drawings of family Coat-of-Arms from books she found in the library. She was interested in heraldry. Gary took that idea, wrote a sales letter in his wife’s name and mailed it to people with last names that had a long history. Soon after, he was getting 20,000 orders per day!

Direct response copy clarifies your message and convinces people to buy.

A sales letter is like a nucleus around which other elements such as email, social media, and direct messaging orbit. Promotion becomes much easier across multiple channels. It is still a very lucrative way of making money.

Direct response writing is the essence of persuasion and copywriting. It is distilled to its very essence and brewed to quench the thirst of generating cash.

Also it doesn't take too long to write. A simple letter can be written in a few hours provided you know to whom you are writing and what your offer is.

6 Components of a Well-Written Sales Letter

  1. The Opener: The subject line of an email, a free sample, a teaser etc.
  2. Headline: A news-like statement and/or a benefit to the reader
  3. Lead: A story to demonstrate the offer, a compliment, a problem, the reason why, the motive for the offer. How it will change their life, the benefits laid out clearly.
  4. Proof or Guarantee: Features, testimonials, Facts, graphs, charts, figures, numbers, etc.
  5. The Penalty: What will happen if they don’t take action now? Will they miss out on a life-changing offer? Or knowledge that could help put more money in their pockets?
  6. Close - The ASK: What you want them to do next. How to get the offer. How to pay.

What You Get

You will receive a Notion page with 2 sections:

  1. A Database of 25 letters typed out with links, names (when available), medium etc. You can create your own sales letter by clicking the “New” button.
  2. A "How To Write A Sales Letter" section that goes into important concepts, strategies and the 6 essential elements of a sales letter.

As far as analysis is concerned, that I leave to you.

And if you're still skeptical of this no-cost offer, consider this:

The results from writing a persuasive sales letter may astonish you as they have astonished me. And you can do this from anywhere there is an Internet connection, with a computer and a great offer.

It costs nothing to use Notion and you can create as many duplicates or pages as you want. And if you feel like changing the layout, you can do that too!

Notion is flexible and powerful enough that you can expand the database by creating new properties, adding more sales letters and so on. But you can only do this if you create a Notion account, which is always free.

Finally, watch out for emails that go into more depth about persuasive writing with more additions to the database.

Thank you,

Jay Khan

"The Direct Response Email Copywriter"

P.S. A FREE database of 25 proven, cash-generating sales letters written by some of the greatest copywriters in advertising history. Also a quick-start guide on how to write on yourself. Many business owners and entrepreneurs have used direct response copy to dramatically change their fortunes. Will be posting periodic updates and more in-depth articles through email.

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25 curated sales letters by some of the best direct response copywriters in advertising history.

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